Self-Righteous Light

Jesus said that his followers are to be a city on a hill; a light that’s not hidden

A Radically Normal Life

We Christians want to change the world.   We feel as though it’s our calling, nay, our right

Your Goodness is Not the Gospel

I stopped my thoughts before they escaped into words, checking their pockets for hidden slights or contraband foolishness. I might not even say them at all… Just to be safe. There was too much chance they might offend. And who knows what would happen to the eternal soul of some poor listener if I unwittingly

Sending the Sinners Away

If I didn’t know God; if I were among those who hadn’t tasted the Bread of Life and so knew the upside-down wonderfully crazy love of Jesus, I know I wouldn’t want to be a part of this religion. I see it just like everyone else—the hate and anger, the self-righteousness and illogically applied beliefs

The Sky is Falling

Christians are a worrying lot. One of the things we worry about lately is that our culture is becoming more secular. It is. You can stop worrying. While that will create some unique challenges for us, we’ll manage. But, that doesn’t change the fact that we are still really worried about this. And it’s not

Beyond Cigarettes & Tight Pants

We think it’s about doing things. I mean, consider one of the most popular (I’m doing that quote