Letting Go of Me

Have you noticed that, for some people, God’s personality is mysteriously similar to theirs? Sometimes, if we’re dead

Chasing Faith

A recent study suggested that those who were trying to reach a healthier goal of some sort tended to indulge more. Those who fill their carts with kale and cucumbers (and snap pictures to post on social media) will likely also grab a few bottles of wine or a tub of ice cream as well.

A World of Love

There are two types of righteousness in the Christian faith. Martin Luther labeled these two as passive and

Being a Better Christian, and Other Lies.

I get tired of people telling me to be a better Christian. I was watching an old episode of Seinfeld the other day and the gang was talking about going to funerals. Jerry hated going because it always made him feel like he ought to do more with his life, but then—when he tried—he couldn’t