Pain & Suffering

Today We Weep

It’s emptiness in the center of me. My brain is stuck in second gear, and I’m numb. People

Brain Pain Change

Cotton balls in my head. A loose affiliation of words lay between the cracks in my brain. I

In Touch With Pain

We all have pain. It’s one of the strings that run between us. Tied in an infuriating knot

Is Suffering Spiritual?

We Christians have an unhealthy relationship with suffering. If suffering itself weren’t awful enough, because of our screwed up ideas about it, our pride is often stabbed in the process. We either can’t imagine that any ill would come to we generally good and gentle folks, or that God would allow us, specifically, to suffer in

When You’ve Been Sexually Abused

They’ll tell you that you should forgive and move on.   They’ll say that you were in the

All the Good Things Die

I stumbled across an article today about Mitch Hedberg, and it made me sad. A good friend of

Curled Up in an Existential Ball

I sat, in the dark, hunched over, my fingers digging into the carpet as I prayed. I was