Car Wreck Christianity

We Christians seem to think the world’s problem is a behavioral one. And if the problem is bad

Your Goodness is Not the Gospel

I stopped my thoughts before they escaped into words, checking their pockets for hidden slights or contraband foolishness.

Beyond Cigarettes & Tight Pants

We think it’s about doing things. I mean, consider one of the most popular (I’m doing that quote thing with my fingers) movements of the last few decades: WWJD? Let’s be honest, that was about not lusting and giving it back when you got too much change, or not getting so angry at that horrible

Morals are for Fairy Tales

“What is the author trying to say here?” I’ve heard that (and thought that) many times as a

Rules aren’t Christianity

I saw an info-graphic type deal on Facebook today that, to sum it up, said ethics is not something one has to be a Christian to have. That’s a fact. But, that the argument has to be made at all shows that we Christians are somehow proposing that only Christians can be truly ethical. That’s