Car Wreck Christianity

We Christians seem to think the world’s problem is a behavioral one. And if the problem is bad

Your Goodness is Not the Gospel

I stopped my thoughts before they escaped into words, checking their pockets for hidden slights or contraband foolishness.

Beyond Cigarettes & Tight Pants

We think it’s about doing things. I mean, consider one of the most popular (I’m doing that quote thing with my fingers) movements of the last few decades: WWJD? Let’s be honest, that was about not lusting and giving it back when you got too much change, or not getting so angry at that horrible

I’ve Got Nothing

I don’t have anything to say. I mean, I can sometimes put something on a page that can

Morals are for Fairy Tales

“What is the author trying to say here?” I’ve heard that (and thought that) many times as a

Rules aren’t Christianity

I saw an info-graphic type deal on Facebook today that, to sum it up, said ethics is not