The Weakness of Judgment

Watching Making a Murderer is an exercise in frustration. There are moments when you believe, without a doubt, that you have zeroed in on the truth. You shake your head, believing, that you’ve finally gotten that key piece of evidence that makes all the jumbled pieces shake into place. Then it all falls apart. The

Tolerance Isn’t Love.

When asked about things like homosexuality, abortion, atheism, and the like, some Christians will go on about how

Sin in a Pair of Shiny Shoes

Do you see it? I’ve seen it. The helplessness is like standing over the barely breathing form of

Something to Rage Against

Growing up, my view of Christianity was kind of outwardly focused. I would say that I, at least partially, defined who and what I was by how others acted. If someone cursed, did drugs, slept around or got divorced I pursed my lips and thanked God I wasn’t like them. I wanted to save people

Telling the Truth for Once.

I’m tired of telling people how to be good people. When I do it, I feel like I’m

Why the Burden is Lighter Than You Think.

I was at a get-together the other night and someone asked if anyone else had the experience of feeling guilty and not being able to tell if it was true guilt or if it came from the years of the superficial guilt over everything we were indoctrinated with by the weak religion of our youths. It was

If Only You Were Like Me

I haven’t met a single person (including myself) that doesn’t think they have at least one aspect of