Give Me Your Stupid Hand

We adore being lied to. Well, as long as it’s the lies we want. I’ll admit that we’ve certainly become a jaded culture. It wasn’t that long ago that we trusted every word that came out of the mouths of newscasters. We believed our government would do the best thing for its citizens. Yeah, we were aware that advertisers

Church Pain & a Big Fat Crowd of Love

There are those who have never been hurt by religion. Yes, I know that’s hard to believe for

Church Without the Junk

We all have this place inside of us that we store it all. The socially unacceptable, the irreligious

Hope for Dirtbags Like Me

I wonder what would have happened if, as a pastor, I had stood up in front of the church one Sunday and said, “I don’t want to be here. I’m tired of playing games. Pretending I’m all happy and that I’ve got Jesus in my back pocket. I don’t care about a single person here

Losing All My Christian Heroes With This One Weird Trick

I got fed up. I was in the ministry for about five years before I was done. That final year, which I lovingly refer to as the Year of Hell, shredded me down to my component parts.   Burned out isn’t the word for what I was.   I didn’t lose my relationship with God,