Rod Rosenbladt on the Law, Gospel & Us Christians

If you haven’t heard Rosenbladt, this is a great talk to get you started. One of our biggest problems in the Church is not understanding the roles God’s perfect Law and the Gospel play in our lives. When we try to make the Christian life about us, and how well we follow the Law, we’re just asking for a life of fear, shame & doubt from which the gospel is our only hope. As Rosenbladt said,

The Law needs to be heard by my old Adam. Because he hasn’t believed in Jesus, doesn’t believe in Jesus, never will believe in Jesus. All it understands is power and fear. So, as a Christian, I need to hear the Law, because the old Adam won’t listen … But, suppose I’m right on the edge of the abyss, and saying, ‘I must not be a believer at all.’ ┬áIf you don’t give me the gospel, then don’t even bother to come to me.

Listen Here:

Law & Gospel in the Christian Life

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