We Lied.

We lied to you. We sat in church every Sunday and we sang our songs and read from our Holy Book and forgot that you were out there, lonely and alone. We brought you booklets telling you how far away from God you were but left you hungry and homeless. We told you how hot hell was going to be for you but never told you that you didn’t have to work your way to Jesus.

We’re sorry.

We pushed you away with our self-righteousness and then blamed you for staying there. We said ‘I love you in the Lord,’ but we betrayed you by never showing you His face. We ignored your questions until you just stopped asking, and then we said you had a hard heart.

We were wrong.

We never looked in the mirror. We never thought that it could be us. Until now. Now we see. Now, we know that we are no better than you. Now we know that we can’t change you and that we do not have to. We realize that if Jesus can change us, then we don’t have to stuff our religion down your throats. We hope our apology isn’t too late. We don’t always look like the God we serve.

But don’t judge Him by us.

It’s not about you and us. It’s about you and Him. So, go to Him. Ask God if He’s there. Ask Him to show you the Truth about this Jesus. Because Jesus is the only Truth, the only good, we have. The only one that matters.

(by chad west and chuck slocum)

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