No More Opinions

I don’t want to give my opinions anymore. I should clarify. I most definitely will give you most, if not all, of my opinions. On life, and God, and even unnecessary things, like, let’s say, licorice: (horrible). But I don’t have any desire to climb to the tip-top of Sinai before doing so. You see,

Holy Crap

Most people don’t know that an iteration of this website existed in the early 2000’s. There was a

Against Truth

“Truth is not a matter of knowing this or that but of being the truth.” –Kierkegaard There’s not

The Path Ahead

My head throbs from the noise. I’m sitting in a quiet house in comfortable jeans and an old

Know it All

We’re busy people. Straining our backs to pull the pick through the air in an effort to break

Unexpected Love

God’s unmerited loved is the only motivation for real change. But it doesn’t guarantee change, and that scares

Steve Brown Etc. Interview

In this interview with Steve Brown and the gang, I talk about setting my past on fire (literally

After Life

What happens when we die? It’s not like I can tell you exactly. Paul said, “To be absent


The red light is notoriously long at Mills and Colonial in Winter Park, Florida. So long, you might

Today We Weep

It’s emptiness in the center of me. My brain is stuck in second gear, and I’m numb. People

Killing Snakes

When you’re not an actual victim of atrocity, you drop your head at the news, and pray that

Years of Doubt

I I was four. I clearly remember standing in front of my bedroom closet. My mother and my